Marc Ecko Launches Unlimited Justice; Seeks to End Corporal Punishment in Schools

Marc Ecko

Clothing designer Marc Ecko recently launched “Unlimited Justice,” a new campaign to end corporal punishment for over 200,000 students affected by the practice in American schools per year.

“In America, students can still be hit by 20 states in the union,” said Ecko said. “I’ve designed a campaign to end ‘Corporal Punishment’ in American schools…There are documented cases of students getting hit with belts, rulers, pinching, slapping, throwing children to the floor, slamming kids into the wall, dragging them across floors and bruising or otherwise injuring students in the course of restraint. Would we accept that in our military? No, guess what we don’t. It’s even illegal to hit prisoners in all 50 states.”

Ecko says that he is committed for the long term, aiming to end the practice throughout the entire nation.

“This campaign will end the threat of the paddle in American schools indeed. But it’s also designed to be our generations pivot point around a conversation of real meaningful education reform.”

Courtesy of the campaign and, students will have the ability to engage in forms of protest by signing petitions, posting stories, and contacting local legislatures to let their voices be heard.




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