Mister Cee Sex Scandal Reignites Feud between New York’s Hot 97 and Power 105

New York City’s airways have recently become divided and heated over Hot 97’s Mister Cee’s arrest . The famed producer and DJ  was charged last Wednesday by NYPD for  lewd sexual act with a male prostitute. Coverage over the arrest has reignited a feud between the top two radio stations in the market.

Fellow Hot 97 personality and longtime friend, Funkmaster Flex, seemed to take the allegations personally.

“…a rumor went viral through multiple social media platforms stating that Mr. Cee was arrested for committing a lewd act. Please be advised this rumor is not true. Stating false allegations about somebody and presenting it as valid information is unethical..”

On Monday, April 4th, Charlamagne of Power 105’s The Breakfast Club (Hot 97’s main competitor) took the liberty of poking fun at the scandal.  Flex, obviously taken aback, showed no remorse in firing shots Monday evening back at Charlamagne.

“Greasy talk, huh? Let me explain something to you right now. I know everything that moves in that building. You wanna throw a stone this morning? I know what people like and what people don’t like in that building.”

Many have speculated that Flex was implying that he would release scandalous information on Power 105 personnel in retaliation for any further coverage.

Charlamagne, of course, shot back yesterday morning, this time without inhibition.

“’Whatcha gonna do, when Funkmaster Flex runs wild on you!’ You the big bad wolf in the city, huh? You like to huff and puff and blow houses down. Let’s be clear… Don’t get mad at us, get mad at him. Tell him, ‘Homie, I don’t care if you like men, but move better. Don’t get a prostitute, get a boyfriend. You’re out here making yourself and the brand look crazy.’ It’s OK if he’s gay but give him some brotherly advice and tell him to move a little better with it…Subliminals are so 90’s. But I understand because you a 1990’s type of guy. That’s your era.”

The battle, it would appear, rages on.


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