Editor’s Choice: The 125 Collection Candles


Yes, the headline is not a mistake. I’m writing about candles, but not the run-of-the-mill dollar store variety.

The 125 Collection is a rapidly growing brand created in NYC and based in Harlem that fuses fun, style, and individuality into everyday life with their customizable Quote Candles.

Black with white labels, these scented candles elevate the ambience of any room with a delightful exotic fragrance that is hard to match.

“Constantly inspired by the city that they love, The 125 Collection is a destination for fashion forward individuals who celebrate self-expression in style. Each 100% natural soy candle can be customized with any quote that inspires, motivates, and makes you laugh.”

Made from the highest quality materials, their 100% natural soy candles are nontoxic and made without any synthetics or fillers and made with a lead-free wick. Quote Candles by The 125 Collection are individually hand-poured and assembled in New York City.

Whether you are setting the scenery for an amorous  or intimate interlude or masking the redolence of  fecal matter from last night’s Taco Bell overdose, you need these in your life.



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