Review: HTC Wins Again with The 10

Up until now, the HTC M9 has been my favorite cell phone for several reasons including its stunning look and incomparable sound.

But right when you think that the Taiwanese company couldn’t do any better, the release a newer better phone.

The HTC 10 not only has a bigger screen, it offers more pixel per screen inch — A stunning 564 PPI compare to 441 PPI.

While the 10’s rear camera only has 12 megapixels compared to the M9’s 20, it takes far better picture especially under less than optimal circumstance. They even bumped up the front camera by one megapixel to five, making for better selfies.

As stated above, the sound is a key factor in whether I actually use the phone on a regular basis. Fortunately, the 10 delivers the same superb sound I have come to appreciate as a music critic and audiophile.

HTC continues to deliver the best android phones on the market. Samsung should be very afraid of what they do next year.


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