Review: I Love The 90’s Tour Feat. Salt N Pepa


For a while people have been complaining that new R&B and Hip Hop is just not the same as the classics. However, classic singers and Hip Hop artists are giving us a chance to hear them live again. Earlier this year an “I Love The 90’s” tour was announced and recently the tour came to Houston, Tx. The featured acts were All 4 One, Color Me Badd, Young MC, Rob Base, Kid N Play, and Salt N Pepa.

Did you know that these singing groups were still together? While neither group has put out a song in over 20 years they were great on stage. Color Me Badd came on after that. They performed one song that no one seemed to remember, but then performed “Sex You Up.” After that the real fun began.

Young MC, Tone Loc, Kool Moe Dee, Rob Base, and Kid N Play all followed. The crowd was hype. Everyone was dancing, recording, taking pictures, and reciting the lyrics they remembered. While all of them performed were good, Kid N Play was the best. Their dance moves were just as good as in the 90’s.

As the featured performers Salt N Pepa came up last with Splinderella joining them. I love them for all the female empowerment songs they’ve made. However, it’s clear they can’t perform they way they did in their younger days. After a couple of songs, they invited everyone else back on stage for a Prince Tribute. At this point “Purple Rain” was put on for all of us to groove too. Then they performed “Push It” before ending the concert.

While the concert was a great experience, there was one noticeable thing. More white people were at the concert than blacks to support these acts. We need to be at these concerts showing love to the artists we want to hear. The tour is still going on, so you should check to see if they’ll be in an area near you.

-Lashuntrice Bradley


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