Dear Kate Upton, Your Outrage is Oppresive


The notion that because athletes like Colin Kaepernick make money for providing entertainment, they should not be able to protest the indifference shown towards minorities by law enforcement is by definition oppressive however unintentional.

It illustrates the whole frame of thought that we can sing, dance, win medals, fight wars, run up and down courts and fields, influence the way you speak, the clothes you wear, but not ask for the same freedoms, rights or quality of life promised to us regardless of race, color, or creed.

There are multitudes of Americans that don’t stand for the anthem for nearly as many reasons but because he’s black, he’s ungrateful. Ungrateful of what? The privilege to risk his life and health to entertain people who sit on their asses while the anthem is played.

He has much right to disagree with the way the country as failed to protect people of color as you have to disagree with the manner of protest.

Unfortunately, the need to bring attention to our struggles do not fit into your schedule. Please continue to enjoy the privilege that allows you to neglect it.

But here’s the integrity check – Are you using your platform to address the plight of people of color to ensure that America is fulfilling its promise to all of its citizens? Or are you ignoring the things that don’t affect you? Time will tell.

I fought for the country and I stand for the anthem but I respect his right to choose not to. Myself, as well as others, fought for that option too.



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