A&R Report: TishMone – Undiscovered Talent


TishMone is simply dope. That’s the best way to describe the Fayetteville artist.  Her music is fresh in a way the defies genre and organically appeals to those in search of something different.  Get to know her.

When did you start performing? I started performing my own music for the first time last summer, another artist and I decided to have own Concert in our city Fayetteville NC. The concert was a success, after this I started getting blessed abundantly, show after show. I’ve honestly been singing since I’ve been able but performing and making this my career all took place in 2013.

Name some of the artists who have inspired or influenced you. I’m most influenced by artists that have their own creative sound, image, persona, and how well they conduct their own business. Their impact on the world and how their music has remained consistent. Monica for her creative sound and attitude. Brandy for her range. Etta James for her rugged edge and Toni Braxton for her tone and emotion.

How would you describe your style? My style is three steps ahead of my generation and about 10 years of time. I’m a 90s baby! The music that was created back then has a huge influence on my sound and style. I’m so not your typical woman. I’m such a tomboy, I use that to my advantage. My style is influenced by comfort but class. Let’s not forget my edgy haircut, the HAWK! lol I’M TRUE TO MY NATURAL SELF.

What separates you from other artists? I’m built for this. I understand what is going on around me and myself control is on point at all times, so I can not be tainted by the distractions taking place today in the world. I have a mind of my own I can not be influenced, only inspired. I take whatever emotion, memory or moment and turn it into music like magic. TISHMONE’ IS PURE. I’m not out here just making music for a check, or to look good. Whether its music, acting or dancing, Everything I do, I do it with a purpose.

Do you have any major offers on the table? I feel like something big is coming, my dreams and visions are still growing so I know something’s ahead. I believe God’s working in my favor. One of my Biggest dreams was to perform in front of Monica, last year in December I Opened up for Monica in Charlotte, NC. I learned that I’m going to have to dream bigger, the way God’s been delivering. After expanding my brand to more than just music, I’ve started modeling and acting. I’m now in a web series and doing some more film work. I also am a brand ambassador for a few local business and I’m still growing. Plus this dope interview from you guys so I’d say I’m on a roll.

What advice would you offer other aspiring artists? Be your own Boss first, then create your team. I always tell artists, keep dreaming until it’s reality. Dreaming will show you exactly where your suppose to or could be. Make sure you understand what you’re getting into no matter what. Never settled and hustle until its done right. Always Pray!!

Any shout outs? Shout out and special thank you to the whole Urban Magazine Team, I greatly appreciate this. My family, friends, & fans who support and have supported my journey, I truly love you all. My God for seeing me through. Shout out to the Wrobots and everyone that’s featured TISHMONE’ on a track. And finally, my city Fayetteville, NC – thank you for the love and support. 2Six WE UP NEXT!!!!


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