Editorial: Kate Upton Post Script


As a Black woman, my key proposition in life is to never speak on anything that I have not been exposed to by way of individualized experience.

In all of your White privileged glory, you have made a group effort to perpetuate the pretense that racism does not exist. To add insult to injury, you benefit from the entity that harms my people with disparity. Anytime we openly display pride in our Blackness the dialogue is reversed to reflect your level of discomfort with what appears to you to be a lack of patriotism.

The cold, raw and dirty fact of the matter is this: We live in a society where so-called officers of the law continue to kill Blacks (not to mention Black children) without consequence at a staggering rate.

Yet and still, many of you have a strong desire to debate the “correctitude” of kneeling in protest during the National Anthem.

The nerve of you to publicly voice what you consider to be a valid point. You stand by idly doing nothing to help fix racism while neglecting to research the root cause of the problem prior to speaking on it.

I call bullshit on your weak ass opinion, so please take an infinite number of seats.

– Trisha Vaughn


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