From The Editor: Don’t Ask for Press Credentials If…

I have received over 20 messages from people wanting press credentials for BET-related events. I am going to break it down for you as kindly as possible (not really).

If you’re not on my team, you can’t just “Get On” when it suits your purposes. Where was all this good will when I was closing out the last two digital issues? Did you offer to help promote the magazine? Did you share a single post? The answer is always no.

I don’t need anyone to relish in benefits from nearly two decades of hard work. Besides, industry events are not the time and place for you to hand out your mixtape or increase your groupie selfie collection on Instagram.

I reward people who support me all the time. But, you can’t just show up in my inbox one day with your hand out and expect me to not see the ulterior motive.

If you are not my woman Cherece Hicks, my family, a close friend or a consistent supporter of Urban Magazine, Levina Lye, Leon Hernandez, Jahneen Elise, Jameefaces, Monique Medina Watson, or other business endeavors I support, miss me with the timely befriending. I kid you not. Save us both the embarrassment.

Put in work. Be gracious. You have to give love to receive it. Trust me, that’s the best way to get your name on the list. Here’s the harsh truth, if someone wanted your presence there, they would have invited you.

This goes for NBA games, Drake concerts, Summer Jam, movie/television premiers, anything else that bring outs your inner groupie (men are groupies, too).

Publisher/Editor in Chief, Urban Magazine




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