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Take a deep breath and know that America has made it through a lot. And we, the people, the tired, the poor and huddled masses have made it through worse.

Take a deep breath and remember that people sitting where you’re sitting made it through Watergate and the Sixties, through Kent State, through Lyndon B. Johnson, who assassinated his way to the oval office.

Take a deep breath and open wide and see what we’re doing and remember the last time this happened, America lost Bobby and John; Medgar, Malcolm, and Martin.

But it also birthed the Civil Rights Movement, the Antiwar Movement, the Feminist Movement—all things that are now, more than ever, ready to be reignited, updated, and continued as central parts of our discussion.

Breathe deep and drink water. Remember that Standing Rock is still a thing, remember that Flint’s water crisis is still a thing, remember that state-sanctioned murder of Black beings is still a thing.

Look around and grow something.

The Democratic party lost this election largely because they spent the past eight years talking about their enemies and not speaking to those they claim to respresent—the people, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. They could not mobilize the segments of this country that are smart enough to see through the bullshit—the segments that have made it through worse and have taken disenfranchisement as the status quo.

Take a deep breath and listen. Hear the stories in the eyes of those who know how to survive. Protect the water. Drink deeply. The children will be alright. After all, we are the children of Watergate and the Sixties, of Kent State, of Lyndon B. Johnson, who assassinated his way to the oval office. We are the children of Bobby and John, of Medgar, Malcolm, and Martin. And we’re still here.

Look around and grow something.

Kris Ex is one of the most prolific journalists to every write about urban culture and hip hop. His writing credits include Spin, XXL, The Source, NPR, Billboard and more!


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