Editorial: LipstickNLyricsz – Before We Plan a Date

“You can plan A pretty picnic , But you can’t predict the weather” – Andre 3000

Growing up, young women plan their wedding day down from the dress to color schemes probably by the age of 17 . Some men find their wedding to be the day they lose it all, but for women, it’s the 2nd most important day of their lives. Dating in your late 20’s for a woman in New York is a never ending game of heart break hopscotch. Of course, it has it’s perks , but let’s face it – no one wants to waste their time. We as women have to be a part of a chain that some have signed up for and some aren’t aware that they are even a part.

While dating, you might meet different kinds of guys, these are just a few:

“The Pretender”
This guy is most likely the guy who enjoys wasting time. He is usually young and attractive. His way with words might convince you that this man is “The One.” But he’s been hurt before so pretending he’s the one is comforting till the talking stage slowly but surely makes a transition. In order to see if he isn’t pretending, say what you want and put him in environments to prove he’s either on the relationship flow … or infatuated with wasting time.

The “Take me as I am” Type
This guy is honest and assertive can be very attractive to the woman who does not like to beat around the bush. He might win you over but also be slow to compromise because he feels as if he’s been so real with you about who he is why should you change his ways now? Whether it be his eating habits or him not wanting to settle down, this stems from a fear of commitment… which can be deeply rooted in many things.

“The One“
He’s the definition of Serendipity. When he finds you ,you’ll understand why things in the past didn’t work out. Funny thing is he might be one of the aforementioned guys, but meeting you is the stimuli for change in him.

On a search for love we must never forget to find love in self first. The law of attraction comes into play heavy. I’m a believer and I’ve watched hurt people, hurt people. That’s a part of the chain of dating that people have to risk in order to cop a ring!

Signing off – Bebe Palmer


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