Editorial: This Week’s List of Shit I Don’t Like

Donal Trump

Donald Trump is probably going to be the top of every list for some quite some time. I am glad that the judicial branch gave his ban back to back L’s this week. Like sincerely, fuck that guy. I don’t need to write a list of reasons. Just google him.

I don’t like the way a vast minority of people are upset about Jim Jones signing to Roc Nation. When you know better, you are supposed to do better. While hip hop may be mostly a sport for the young, we must allow, if not encourage its artists to grow and mature with us.

If you’re damn near forty and your emotional intelligence is measured in sleeping with women who don’t value themselves, spending money on things that you don’t need to impress people who don’t give fuck about you, you are bad for hip hop and people of color in general.

Speaking of fuck boys…

Nas once questioned if another man takes care of your woman, should he be granted the right to smash. I mean fair is fair, right? How can you be mad?

The more he does, the less you have to do. I mean if you wanted to do it, you would do it yourself. It is your job, after all.

If you don’t mind the inherent salty kiss from time to time, it’s a win-win. Well… Kind of… Not really.

If you want to be the man, be the man. Act like one. If another man does your job, he deserves your check.


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