A&R Report: Anais Lauren – Where Storytelling Meets Songwriting

The best songwriters are those who are able to tell stories in their music and when you can sing those songs, how can you lose? With the release of new single “What About,” Anais Lauren is finally getting her due after years of perfecting her craft. We are proud to add her to our A&R Report.

When did you start performing?
I started performing around the age of 3 I went to a pre-school that always had shows for the parents so we were always dancing or singing than when I got to high school I joined the chorus. That’s what kinda what helped me later on as far being comfortable singing in front of a crowd.

Name some of the artists who have inspired or influenced you?
Definitely, Mariah Carey is one of my biggest influence she’s such an amazing singer, songwriter and vocal producer. Also, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse have been people that I admire greatly. Amazing writers always intrigue me.

How would you describe your style?

It’s hard to define myself with one genre but I’ll say I’m a mix of R&B, Hip-Hop some Alternative. I’m a writer so I feel like I can transform my sound whenever depending on who’s doing my production.

What separates you from other artists?
I’d say what separates me is my ability to write songs along with the way I think, I don’t sound like every other R&B artist nor does my writing. I like the speak on other things besides love and relationships. For example, I have a new song that will be released on my upcoming EP “ The Love Thirst” called “Dear Mary Jane” and I describe my love for smoking weed and how it’s helped me through different times in my life.

Name some of the major artists you have performed with?

No one major yet however I will be performing at SXSW this year with a dope showcase of artists and amazing headliners that will be announced soon so hopefully I’ll get a chance to perform with some other amazing artist there.

Do you have any major offers on the table?
Not yet, I’m releasing my first official project “The Love Thirst’ ep this spring so I’m hopeful that will generate a nice buzz and get those offers going,

What advice would you offer other aspiring artists?
My best advice is to invest in yourself, making music is a business like any other you have to be serious about what you’re that means footing the bill for good mixing and mastering etc.

Any shout outs?
Shout out to everyone reading this check out my upcoming EP “ The Love Thirst” this spring along with my new singles “ What About” and “ This Addiction” which are now available on BandCamp and VEVO. If you haven’t heard of me press play and give me a listen.


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