Destiny Jones on Building Brands and Business

Nas’daughter Destiny Jones brings fire to the makeup industry with her lip gloss line, Lipmatic.

What inspired your decision to bring Lipmatic to fruition?
My friends encouraged me to create Lipmatic after growing tired of seeing shades on the shelves that didn’t particularly work well. The formulas were sticky, and the nude shades didn’t always work well on brown skin. Lipmatic was derived for my adoration for Queens, New York—the hustle bustle of the city, energy and hip-hop culture. I wanted to take the same energy and spirit and put it into Lipmatic.

Give us the rundown on what it takes to create your own makeup brand?
It takes a lot of hard work, passion and consistency. I had a vision, made a plan and executed! It was very difficult, but I didn’t allow road blocks to deter me. I create the shades and make packaging decisions and ensure our retail partners have enough product. Being decisive, creative, and passionate about Lipmatic have helped me make the brand successful.

At this point in your journey, to what would you attribute your success?
I attribute my success to my wonderful team around me. I have a wonderful brand manager who helps me with distribution and assists with executing my ideas for Lipmatic. I have several entrepreneurs in my family so I haven’t had to look too far inspiration or support.

Tell us what makes Lipmatic products better than your competitors?
Lipmatic is organic! I always knew that I wanted to create an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free lip gloss. Environmentalism and animal welfare are important to me as an individual, and entrepreneur is also at the core of who I am. Additionally, Lipmatic products are built on the foundation of hip-hop, self expression, and confidence. For young women walking around the city in the six-inch heels or shell toe Adidas. No matter what, she’s comfortable in her own skin!

Name your favorite Lipmatic product.
Right now my top three favorite Lipmatic shades are Life’s a Peach, C.R.E.A.M, and Jamaica Ave. Jewel.

As the daughter of an iconic hip hop legend, do you feel pressure to perform or accomplish things?
No, not at all. I’m continuously inspired by my father’s work ethic and his passion and excitement for creativity. Witnessing my father live out his dreams makes me want to work just as hard to achieve that same fulfillment. He also inspires me to remain true to myself and also enjoy the process.

What is the next step for Destiny Jones?
This year I’m most excited about new products are in production and releasing them later in the year. Right now, I’m focusing on lip products only, but I definitely plan to expand. I want to continue to develop new formulas, create new shades and explore global retailer opportunities.


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