Model Spotlight: Valencia Janay

Name: Valencia Janay

Height: 5’10

Weight: 154

Meas: 36-27-39

Likes: Modeling, movies, shopping, and outdoor sports.

Dislikes: Liars and bad attitudes.

Hobbies: Photoshoots, paddle boating, sightseeing, and working.

If you had to choose a between a rich ugly man and poor attractive man, who would choose? Honestly, if it was up to me I would choose whoever made me feel good about myself and supported me. If it was the rich ugly man, it wouldn’t matter because honestly. I’ve dated an ugly man, but his looks made me look past all that and love him from his heart. If it was the poor attractive guy, dealing with me, we can work on getting him where he needs to be — have to use those looks for something.

What’s your most attractive feature? The most attractive parts of my body are my eyes and smile. I can brighten up a room with my smile and I have seductive eyes.

Describe your perfect man: I don’t believe there’s such thing as a perfect man, I just want someone that’s all in for me like I would be for him.

What’s the worst pickup line you’ve heard? The worst pickup line I’ve heard was… “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere.”

How should a guy/girl approach you in the club? They should approach me with confidence and a smile.


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