Music: L.A.Z. – No Paperwork EP

L.A.Z. – a member of Detroit’s, Clear Soul Forces – shares his solo EP, “No Paperwork.” The EP is the soundtrack to what it means to be a “starving artist” in transition who continues to move to the beat of their own drum. “It’s always about the music,” says “L.A.Z.”

No matter what.

The young emcee shares that the EP was recorded as a reminder to himself and his family that there’s no price tag or deadline to finding peace of mind. He adds that he spent his last dollar just to get the cover art done for the EP. It’s a humble reminder that at the end of the day, he’ll continue to put his best foot forward in every aspect of his life. This is evident on the EP’s opening record, “Celestial Vibes,” which kicks things off on a dazed, meditative tip. From there, L.A.Z. balances clever wordplay with a well-structure narrative. As a listener, you pick up on his frustrations, and self-realizations on each track. Take listen for yourself below.


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