Meet Limitless Vizions – Marissa & Ana

Meet Ana Leo and Marissa Troche, two entertainment executives who are taking event planning to the next level.

How did you two first meet and what inspired you to launch this business endeavor?
Marissa: I met Ana about 8 years ago when she was pregnant with her son, Joshua. I had reached out to her as I was friends with her son’s father and from that point forward we remained close. She has been my right hand in helping me re-brand, re-analyze and re-configure our approach, our look, and our direction.
Inspiration. I would say first and foremost, my children. Being able to create those memories for them through each milestone it is such a sense of gratitude and I wanted to do the same for others it’s what drives me.

Ana: We met 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. Marissa was friends with my son’s father and she reached out to me, helped me navigate through many struggles of being a teen parent and has been a very supportive friend in the past years. I’ve been encouraging Marissa to start her event planning business for a few years, she has so much creative vision. You explain what you want and she can make it a reality! When she finally launched I was super excited for her! I offered my help and soon enough we were coming up with ideas together, and here we are.

What would you say is the major difference between you and your competitors?
Marissa: We put our hearts and souls into this company. These are moments we are creating for the milestones in someone’s life, memories for others. So for us, it is most important to put our clients first. Together we will build, learn and grow. We are always available and our vision can surpass what the average mind can create. This is our passion, we live it. “Be Limitless. Be Inspired.”

Ana: I believe the difference between us and our competitors is that we really care about what we do. We put our heart and soul into what we do and truly want to make our clients visions a reality.

Tell us some of the services you offer your clientele.
Marissa: We can provide and offer: decor/centerpieces, favors, dessert packages, photo-boards, tableware, event management & set-up, rentals, photography, floral arrangements, and food catering. We want to be a home-base for all your needs. If you are unsure if we offer a particular service, feel free to reach out to us.

Ana: With the proper amount of time and budget, the sky is the limit.

What is the most common mistake people make in planning an event?
Marissa: Procrastination. Waiting until the last minute not only stresses you but applies pressure to our team and our vendors. We are always on top of all aspects to make your event possible, even if it comes down to the wire we will make it happen. We are quick to organize and already have events planned in advance so we are always one step ahead.

Ana: Waiting for the last minute! There’s only so much we can do in a limited time frame. You can never start planning an event too early!

Your event during the NBA Draft was a huge success, what’s next for you in immediate future?
Marissa: We have many creative events in the works as well as getting more involved in community events. We don’t want to give away all of our surprises but stay tuned.

Ana: We have so many things under wraps and we can’t wait to see them come to life! Follow us on social media to stay up to date.

How can people reach you?
You can connect with us via Instagram (@limitless_vizions_events) and Facebook ( We can also be reached by Phone at 631-578-5994 or by emailing us Our website is currently under construction at this time.


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