Ganjah K’s Legacy Lives On!

On December 22, 2017, while much of America was bracing itself to receive presents; the city of Los Angeles/West Coast Hip-Hop was robbed of a truly precious gift. Hearts are heavy upon hearing the news of our Brother and longtime GoodLife Emcee & Project Blowed Crew original Keshawn “GANJAH-K the Chronic” McClendon passing just a week before the 23rd annual Project Blowed West Coast Anniversary at Los Globos in Hollywood.

Often regarded as the first rap artist from California to fully embrace the marijuana culture, which was reflected in his lyrics, he also incubated and promoted the term THE CHRONIC. Many have questioned with no Ganjah-K, would there be (as known today) a Snoop Dogg/DPG/Dr. Dre phenomenon.

Not only was he a school-mate, participant and influence to L.A.’s world renown rap royalty “Freestyle Fellowship” (Island/4th&Bway), Ganjah-K and partner Dr. Bombay (who preceded him in death more than 15 years ago) led L.A.’s lyrical assault on hip-hop as the FIRST BRIGADE. The Brigade was thrust to Cali’s forefront after they debuted a mind-blowing performance of their classic “Scud Missiles” at the legendary hip-hop mecca The Good Life Health Food Centre. As record labels and industry-ites scrambled to sign many crews from the Good Life, a tragic event resulted in the loss of the well-beloved Dr. Bombay.

After a well-respected hiatus, Ganjah returned to his laboratory and resurfaced with many classic recordings as a soloist. In addition, he released tracks collaborating with FF members, longtime friends RBX (DPG) and Volume 10 (Pistol Grip), movie soundtracks [Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Dead Homies] television [Sopranos] and even Snoop Dogg himself agreed to record with the innovatively aggressive/raspy-voiced mic mechanic known as The Chronic.

By Jaroslau “J-Smoov” Woodson

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