Opinion: Akademiks is a Fuck Boy/Fan Boy Hybrid

That’s right, I said it. This is not hating, but a real honest perspective of DJ Akademiks’ contribution to hip-hop.

Before I justify the opinion that the title so clearly announces, I want to say that I acknowledge his accomplishments as far as successfully building a brand that has not only brought him recognition but at least perceived substantial income.

There’s no debate that despite my opinion of his actions, he is successful in many ways.

But success is how you define it and it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a person of good character. I cannot be silent while this man-child hurts our culture.

You are naive to think that he doesn’t know the negative impact of his posts on not only the perception of Black artistry but our people as a whole. He just doesn’t give a fuck.

He’s found his niche in promoting controversial content because it’s profitable. I get the hustle of it all. However, a disproportion amount of the videos he has posted recently are from alleged/accused child molesters and women beaters.

I have a problem with that.

This is not about ageism. I would be the first to say there have always been questionably talented rappers in hip-hop since day one. Tone Loc, Young MC, Vanilla Ice, Too Short and Ice T while collectively having big even historical moments, are never mentioned in any top five debate. My issue is deeper than that.

This is about character.

He does more than just cover these alleged morally challenged adult men. He advocates for them even when there are videos of them committing or confessing their involvement in the alleged crimes.

Yes, journalists cover celebrity criminal allegations, but they are impartial, held to a high standard of credibility. In a recent interview, Akademiks behaved like an infatuated pubescent teenage girl. In fact, if he was on the artist’s dick any harder, it would have been gay porn. If the interview had been in-person, he would have probably fucked him afterward on some groupie shit.

He’s not a journalist. He’s a fan for sale/hire with no loyalty to the very culture that has elevated him.

DJ Akademiks supports the most toxic artists because it provides him access to their respective fan bases. He’s hoeing out for views. Unfortunately, he neglects more talented artists in the process. His content isn’t remotely balanced. Simply put, he promotes bad music by even worse people for profit.

I take no pleasure in writing take-downs, especially on my fellow Black entrepreneurs, but to quote the animals from The Lion King II, that negro isn’t one of us. Us being people who live, breathe, and love hip-hop. He’s a culture vulture, word to Dame Dash.

If we want to stop things like violence against children and women in our community, we have to call bullshit on people who support it, especially in the entertainment industry… Especially when the accomplices look like us.


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