Interview: Friday Sydell – Past, Present and Future

Some people are just so full of life that it shines through in everything they do. Whether acting or singing, Friday Sydell is a star. How could she not shine?

What was it about acting that led to your decision to pursue it as a career?
I actually just fell into it when my real dream started to fall apart and I started to walk away from it. I learned that walking away from your dream is not even something that’s possible. When something is a dream, it’s going to haunt you if you don’t follow it. In that time period, I found myself exploring other art forms and started getting into acting. The first and only thing that I’ve ever acted in was the Amazon series, Private Sales. I lucked out with that, but I am pursuing more acting along with other things.

If not acting, what was your original creative path?
I was in a band for five years. So my dream was always to be successful with music. I Didn’t really have a lot of artist development or room to explore things creatively when I was in that group. When I moved to Los Angeles and went solo, that’s kind of when I had the freedom to explore and find myself. I am actually working on getting back into music. Acting is kind of a side hustle.

That’s a hell of a side hustle. What do you think of the current state of music?
I love it. I feel like that’s currently where I wanted to be, where pop is kind of meeting R&B. It’s getting a little deeper. I love that. There’s rap, it isn’t as lyrical as it used to be in my opinion, but I love the beats that they’re choosing. It’s a beat fetish kind of thing. It’s just fun happy music, and the world needs that right now.

How would you describe your approach to music? What sets you apart?
I will say now, the answer to that question is that I’m self-aware. I know myself so I can be vulnerable and truthful. It’s not about being trendy anymore because you realize as an artist… Of course, you want success. You want to be trendy and cool, your music on the radio, but that’s not really what gets people to that point. You want to be self-aware like this is who I am and you want to build a brand around that. I feel like the years I’ve struggled in the industry have helped me learn about myself and that’s what sets me apart. I am really excited about that.

Describe the biggest misconception you had about the music industry at this point in your journey?
The biggest misconception that I, myself, and other people, have had is that your dreams are going to just happen. In reality, they are your responsibility, one-hundred-percent. You have to devictimize your circumstances. Everyone goes through roadblocks and bullshit in the industry. I have been lied to and had money stolen, blah, blah, blah… Everything that everybody goes through. Your dreams are your responsibility, if it doesn’t work out, that’s on you.

I noticed from your social media that fashion plays a big part in your branding. You have a wide range of looks and ensembles. Where do you draw inspiration from?
I make a lot of crazy things that you see. I have always loved Prince, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. I love the showmanship. When we were just starting out in the group, we didn’t really have that much money so I would look at the amazing pieces and it became another little side hustle. I make custom pieces, like wearable art for festivals like Burning Man and Coachella. It helped me out a lot, making a money on the side. Fashion is big to me. Visuals are everything.
Who, including the few mentioned earlier, has been your biggest inspiration?
I’d say currently, Sia has had a strong hold on me for a few years because her story is fascinating and relatable to me. She went through a lot of bullshit and to see and hear the music she’s making now– It’s a gift to know someone who has fought through that story and has come out the other side. I’ve gone through similar things as her so that’s my biggest inspiration.



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