Model Spotlight: LyrikDaBone

Name: Lyrikdabone

Location: Ohio

Height: 5’2

Weight: 175

Meas: 36b-34-40

Likes: Modeling, partying, music and basketball

Dislikes: argumentive people, bullies

Hobbies: Modeling, Dancing, Cooking, Drawing, rapping, basketball poetry

If you had to choose a between a rich ugly man and poor attractive man, who would choose? It honestly Would he who I vibe with I’m big on looks but my heart is bigger so whoever had the juice to sweep me Off my feet would have me for keeps

What’s your most attractive feature? I think it’s my lip. People say they’re very luscious

Describe your perfect man: a gentleman and a thug when need be. Someone who isn’t too good to buy me flowers and watch Chick Flicks. Someone who will Turn around after doing such metro activities and take me to the gun range the next week and watch set it off on replay.

What’s the worst pick up line you’ve heard? Damn, I could drink your bath water. like ew

How should a guy/girl approach you in the club? Well, they should be confident, not cheesy or aggressive it turns me off and makes
me feel like they’re pressed. women arouse me but they never satisfy me so that wouldn’t fly at the time


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