Interview: Author/Poet Paige Love-Rose

Poetry has been a form of expression since the beginning of the written word.  While every writer is not a poet, the opposite is always true and Paige is establishing herself as one to watch in 2018.

Tell me about how you got started writing. When did you recognize your talent?
I was very young. I used literature or culture as a clutch to overcome fears. I practiced and studied. Then, I grew out of just being an avid reader and became an avid writer. That’s something that you carry with you all the way into adulthood. Writing is my muse and became my biggest hustle. I say to myself all the time… “Wow, Paigey Waigey, you’re really doing this!”

Your poems seem very personal, how often do you pull inspiration from real life?
Very often! Majority of my poems are written because I am influenced. I am influenced by my own personal vision, the people around me and from the literature I read. My favorite thing to write about is happiness in general. My poems could make somebody happy. I would never know, but I decided that is one hundred percent my purpose.

When can we expect a new novel and can give us insight to the storyline?
Yes, you will. “A Vampire in Roxbury” will be out very soon. It is an urban fiction novel, that’s a little different from what most urban or street literature fictional fans love. My poetry book “Fearless” will be released soon also. I have been very busy working. I’m not just a novelist and poet. I’m also a sister, daughter, teacher, best friend, and colleague. I have so many hats, but I wear them with a big smile on my face. I’m constantly on the move, and always on a mission. It sounds so funny when I say that.

How do you feel about the popular perception of urban literature?
I always ignore what people think or perceptions. I feel like when you pay attention to negative things, you lose focus and it’s a distraction. I focus on what I am fighting for. I fight for urban stories, our stories or the stories to be told. The stories can be told but I want people to hear them too.

Do you perform your pieces as spoken word?
Yes, I do! It’s cool to recite your own poems. People can feel it more.

What inspired your unique approach to The Other Side as far as layout?
I thought the storyline for verse novel was so imperfect, that it needed to be told by imperfect free-form poetry.

Do you have any advice for aspiring poets?
My advice to anybody is to continue to fight for your dreams, even if you feel like you’re doing it alone- keep fighting. Love your purpose and love yourself.


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